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BlogDraw Beta 2.1, Version 0.0.1 - The Big Christmas Update

Written by: BlogDraw on: 2019-12-22 13:02:31. Tags: Update, BlogDraw, Blog.

The Big Christmas Update

We've been quiet for a while now because there's been a lot going on at BlogDraw behind-the-scenes... But now we're back with a bang and a new update is coming out THIS WEEK!

Beta 2.1, codenamed "The Big Christmas Update" contains over a year's worth of development work from our dedicated development team:
  • We've revamped The Back to use the last version of Bootstrap 3. (Expect Bootstrap 4 in the next Release).
  • We've added contribution guidelines for our developers.
  • We've fixed bugs.
  • We've brought you a new template: BlogDraw2020.
  • We've completely reworked the codebase that powers BlogDraw, so it's lightning fast and slick to use for bloggers, and also maintainable for developers.

BlogDraw has become more than any of us ever expected. I'm incredibly proud to be spearheading such a great project. The last year for BlogDraw has been a real adventure and I can't wait to see where it takes us next. - James, Lead developer.

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